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Since 1992 The NewsRoom network through it's websites www.newsroom.com and www.newsroom.net as well as it's FirstClass BBS The NewsRoom have provided the online community with access to the OneNet network of FirstClass servers worldwide as well as hosting various special interest groups such as The Durham Region Aquarium Society, and York Soaring Club.
A important notice to those looking for the Starblanket server, a final fatal hard drive failure has forced us to take this server offline permanently.


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  • Kevin Omura's home page has moved to www.kevinomura.com. I am a professional photographer who has worked in North America, Europe and the Far East. I'm also an imaging Consultant working with TCN Systems Group. We can provide complete Internet access as well as turnkey FirstClass mail systems including custom graphics, and sounds. Our number is 416-359-0921. We also create GREAT web pages and graphics!

  • The Pantomime Series. This is the complete portfolio of a series I photographed in Avignon France. Click on the images to move from page to page. There are 41 images in the portfolio each about 55k. Enjoy!

  • Why drinking and driving don't mix. Warning the photographs on these pages depict the aftermath of a very serious car crash and may be disturbing to some viewers.

  • Kevin's bookmarks of interesting web sites. Here's a handy list of sites I've visited that provide a wealth of interesting information.

  • WWW.HOT-WHEELS.ORG Directory

  • The Southern Ontario Hot Wheels Club homepage.

  • The Southern Ontario Hot Wheels Club web bbs has moved to www.newsroom.net.


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  • Visit all the guys at redrovers.com.

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